Consumers .me Revolution

Consumer Power its all about you!
Organizing and Uniting the Customer Base
The Customer becomes Shareholder, One in the Same
A New System of Self Governance and Value Exchange

"The Citizens, Shareholders, and Consumers Shall Ascend to the Throne as One"

Feeling disempowered as an individual consumer? You are not alone, in unity you are no longer powerless as one amongst many, but powerful as many as one. Collective consumer power changes the balance of power, individual consumers no longer need to be powerless when dealing with the corporate entity. see  One Click Revolution

As for government regulation in the new economics collective consumer control replaces most government regulation as we knew it. This is in fact a true form of self government regulation where government is the actualized collective intent and will of the people not distorted by self serving individuals.

Communism, socialism, and capitalism all resulted in oligarchy, a few benefiting to the detriment of the many. Universalism integrates both the needs of the individual and the collective. The integration of contrasting truths to maintain a balance. The freedom of the individual being held supreme in that the individual is necessary for the evolution and sustainability of the collective. By design individuals cannot oppress the collective and the collective cannot suppress the individual. It employs a holistic science based value exchange system. A new accounting system to replace the old. Read: Financial House of Cards & Holistic Science Based Economics see insider insight links on this page you will become most intelligent about the subject in your social network.

The Great Collaboration

Sustainable Low Energy, Earthquake, Fire, Flood, Wind, Storm, Hurricane, Tornado, Pest PROOF Housing

Business does not create jobs, the consumer does

Consumer Owned Equitable Balanced Value Exchange System

Consumers Universal Information System

The Guid or UUID

Consumers Power

Phi Design

White Space Revolution

An evolution in commerce and economy

Consumers energy combined to empower

Consumers Energy Purchasing Contracts

Consumers Purchasing Union

Consumers steps and processes and functions

Consumer Groups and Sectors

Consumer Vendor Registration

Consumer Collective Intent

Consumer action items

Consumer awareness

Consumers Purchasing Agents

Consumers Collective Registration

Organization of Economic system participants 

Consumer Producer Relations

Consumer Contract Services

The new advertising paradigm "Why should you pay them to manipulate you into buy their product? New advertising approach awareness vs. manipulation

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